Missouri’s Concrete Paving and Cement Manufacturing Industry is critical to the advancement of Missouri’s infrastructure and economy providing durable, sustainable, economical, and safe highway pavements.  Missouri has a long and proud history of utilizing concrete pavements to provide taxpayers with the best long-term pavement solutions.  However, in recent years Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has abandoned their longer-term pavement solution philosophy for one of cheap short-term asphalt overlays and surface treatments which provide diminishing benefits to the system.  Missouri needs a mix of short, medium, and long-term pavement solutions and competition between industries to make best use of the available transportation funding.
Our industry needs your help to make this happen.  As a representative of the concrete pavement and cement industry your voice needs to be heard.  Please contact your statewide and local elected officials, Missouri Highways & Transportation Commission, and MoDOT Director regarding the importance of competition and providing Missouri concrete pavement companies opportunities to bid on highway and roadway work.  Concrete pavement and competition is good for Missouri’s highway network and taxpayers.  Please let those that can make this happen know by contacting them.  It’s quick and easy to generate a letter using the provided system.  Don’t wait, the future of our industry depends on making our collective voices heard.  Thank you for your support and let’s increase our concrete pavement opportunities in Missouri!